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Website design for SME's is what we specialise in. Built using Wordpress, either managed or self managed, we're your ideal partner.

Wordpress Expertise

Websites really don’t need to be complex confusing entities. In fact, today websites can be built using easy to use drag and drop builders. Admittedly they don’t often have the nicest of finishes but it just goes to show you how much has changed.

We have been using the popular Wordpress platform for as long as it has existed! That means we have lots of experience to pass on to our customers. We specialise in Wordpress Theme customisation and can help you to launch a new website relatively pain free and more importantly within a budget that suits small to medium sized businesses.

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E-Commerce Website Design

In this ever-changing world having a good online presence is key to weathering whichever storm is thrown at us. If you want to take your business online and start selling products or services via an online shop then let Pinnacle help.

Pinnacle Creative specialise in E-commerce Website Design, whether you’re a small cottage industry looking to create a webshop or a multi-national who have never taken advantage of online selling to end consumers we have scalable solutions to meet your every need.

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Content Management

One of the best things about using Wordpress is how easy it is for you to manage your own website. You may still need use every now and then but with a little bit of 1 to 1 training (which we provide) you will be able to edit page content, add images, videos, and of course add or delete pages.

Interested in blogging? Well Wordpress was built as a blogging platform so be rest assured that your new website will also feature an easy to use blog as well. You become the author…

…start sharing and get socially connected!

Bespoke vs. Pre-Built

More often than not customers will want to save money and hen this is the case we offer the pre-built options of customising a Wordpress Theme.

There is a good reason for going pre-built. It saves time, and ultimately it saves you money. Now that is not to say what you get isn’t going to be as nice as a bespoke design and build. In fact we aim to combine both approaches.

We take a theme and destroy it, yes you read that right, then we piece it back together and build custom widgets, custom pages, and install custom plugins to bring it all together again giving you something that is uniquely yours.

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