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Taste of London

Last year I visited Taste of London purely as interested foodie, with a hankering for some restaurant quality entertainment, this year it was with the added bonus of being able to check out our designs for both the Mr Vine Wine Theatre and the Wild Kitchen, both of which we had designed for Solutions2.

I would have to say the show itself was a triumph again this year, the huge range of foods and beverages was mind blowing, and certainly didn’t disappoint. It felt like there were more free samples on offer, and some good deals for visiting guests. I found perhaps one of the tastiest Gins I have ever had from the City of London Distillery  – their City of London Dry Gin was a thing of beauty, served with a small wedge of Pink Grapefruit it really hit the spot. To go with the gin I’d highly recommend a bag of the Zesty cashews or Fiery Macadamias from Carpe Nux – you’ll have to ask them where you can get them from – I’ve still got a few bags in my cupboard!

I didn’t watch any of the live demonstrations, not because I didn’t want to, but simply because there was too much to do, sample and look at, around the rest of the show, it’s amazing how quickly the 5 hours disappeared.

I was however, slightly disappointed by the food on offer from the restaurants. I can’t for one second admit to trying everything, you only get with nigh on 30 different restaurants to try – each offering 3-5 different samples it would be impossible to try everything without a. dramatically increasing your waste line b. attending for more than 1 day, so based on the tasting of about 5-6 dishes i thought they lacked a little bit of creativity and the boldness of flavour.

Last year’s overall winner Club Gascon won with a wonderful foie gras, this year’s winner – The Clove Club’s Grilled lamb cutlet was good, but it wasn’t outstanding. I think it was from Pont St that we got a fairly lovely scotch egg, but it was a scotch egg. Marcus Wareing’s Tredwell’s had an appealing looking pork brioche bun, but it wasn’t a patch on Cyrus Todiwala’s Goan Style pulled pork from last year.

So, overall, a great event, with some fantastic live music – perfectly designed show features 😉 great samples and tasters – but the chefs let us down a little. There the Taste of London Winter coming up in November, i think we might try to give that a visit and see what it has to offer!

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