E-Commerce Website Design

Today's marketplace is changing, E-Commerce website design helps customers find and buy from you without a bricks and mortar presence

E-Commerce Website Design

We’ve all (mostly) been buying online for years, but with what Covid-19 and 2020 have thrown at us a good online presence for business has become even more important. And here at Pinnacle we’ve seen real growth in e-commerce website design. Predominantly small independents who have always been reliant on footfall in shops and other retail sectors have decided to dip their toe in the water of E-Commerce websites to try to navigate the tricky waters of lockdown and the global pandemic.

If your company are looking for a way to develop an online presence, built on a platform that is incredibly flexible, and that can be up and running and bringing in sales quickly, then speak to us today and let us build your new E-commerce Website!

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Giving potential clients options will help prevent potentially lost sales, that’s why we advocate having a number of different payment options on your website. The most common ones we use are Paypal, Stripe and Opayo (formerly SagePay), they can be integrated quickly and easily and you can be taking online payments in no time.

You will pay either a monthly fee by a payment provider or by individual transaction, the choice of which is dependent upon the value of the items you’re selling, and the volume of sales you’ll be making, invariably we find there’s a tipping point but we can help you calculate what’s going to be best for your business.

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Bespoke E-commerce Builds

If you’re not just selling toothpaste, cheese, drill bits or staples, no problem. We can work with you to develop a bespoke solution for your webshop, if you can think of it, it’s probably possible. Area calculators, customer logins, discount models for B2B clients, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve worked on a variety of stores, supplying a multitude of different products, all the while the most important thing to consider is the user experience. With Google constantly tweaking its algorithms it is becoming more and more important to ensure your visitors find what they want quickly and easily without any stumbling blocks. Websites need to be clear and easy to navigate, so we ensure any sites are designed with SEO in mind.

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