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CES 2015

CES 2015 better known as the Consumer Electronics Show ended on Friday in Las Vegas. Regarded by many as the biggest technology show in the world, it takes place annually across several Las Vegas hotels. Over 160,000 visitors take in the show and all the major innovators were there to showcase their latest products. Everything from new Smart Watches to Driverless Cars.

3D printing is developing at a fast rate and the move towards the use of pulp paper as the ‘print media’ has become commonplace. Rapid production time and modest cost has been revolutionary in the prototyping of new products.

Smart Watches have been around for a few years but like computers they are becoming more and more sophisticated. Hyundai were exhibiting a new wrist watch which enabled the wearer to control a car! I’ve been using a Smart Watch for some time and it is so convenient to monitor mail and various social networks even while wearing gloves.

The Smart Home movement to create a smarter and more efficient home increases daily, accelerated by smartphones and tablets interacting with the myriad of connected objects and devices. From basic security monitoring or more customized access to appliances, lighting, window coverings, irrigation, entertainment systems and more – homeowners are enjoying more convenience and more comfort.

Driverless cars have been under test for several years and not many people know that they are currently in use at London Heathrow Airport. Each ‘pod’ can carry up to 4 passengers along the 3.8 km route from Terminal 5 to a perimeter car park. At CES, BMW demonstrated a vehicle that would park itself better than most individuals are capable of doing.

Health and Biotech was a category with almost 400 exhibitors. Fitness and Sports attracted another 400 exhibitors and worn devices to monitor such things as calorie consumption, heart rate, location, etc. drew almost 600 exhibitors. Smart Clothes including shirts to monitor fitness and shoes with Smart insoles linked by Bluetooth to one’s Mobile Phone, all made an appearance.

Whatever next? Find out next January in Las Vegas.